The Grand Opening of the Brand New Bike and Spin

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Service and Repair

Want to make sure your bike is pedaling at optimal capacity? Need light repairs or serious reconditioning? Then stop by Bike and Spin and restore the health of your dependable bike. With our combined years of experience and knowledge regarding every possible bike, we know exactly what your bike needs to keep on spinning.

Check out this Schwinn rebuild in progress...

Schwinn build in progress

Reconditioning a BAMF bike...

Working with the BAMF brand

We utilize quality custom parts!

Using beautiful custom parts!

Our Bike Mechanics at work...

Our Bike Mechanics at work!

"Doctor John" is in...

John Antretter as the Bike Doctor!

Building a thing of beauty...

Fixing what ails it...

Fixing what ails it.

We love our customers!

A customer's amazing bike!